Tiny Tails to You! Staff Spotlight: Meet Ryan!

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When did you start working at Tiny Tails to You?

The beginning of 2019!

Who is your favorite Tiny Tails animal, and why?

Mufasa or Simba, our baby lion head bunnies. They are absolutely adorable and wonderful with people.

Favorite non-Tiny Tails animal?

My dog, Finnegan. He’s a kind and brilliant border collie.

Do you have a favorite memory from an event?

It’s hard to choose, but my favorite times are when small children overcome their initial fears and quickly fall in love with the animals! These small bouts of courage warm my heart and make this job that much more enjoyable.

What is your favorite thing about working for Tiny Tails to You?

Getting to teach and show new animals to kids and expand their understanding of the world!

Where are you from? How long have you lived in Austin?

I am from Sugar Land, Texas. I moved to Austin when I started college in 2013!

Where is your favorite place in Austin?

Literally any and every taqueria.

What is something you are really passionate about right now?

Expanding and preserving the legal rights of oppressed Americans to ensure that they have a fair shot. I became a student at UT Law because I want to help as many people as much as possible as much as possible.

On a less serious note, I am passionate about the Oxford Comma: it is necessary, helpful, and elucidating.

What do you do outside of working at Tiny Tails to You (hobbies, other work, etc…)?

I’m a 2L at UT Law! I want to practice appellate litigation. I’m a member of the Texas Law Review and the Texas Review of Law and Politics, with pro bono interests in immigration/refugee aid and veteran assistance. I've also worked for the Texas Attorney General and the First Court of Appeals.

Outside of this job and law school, I love to cook, explore nature, and read!