Our Care
Tortoise eating a raspberry

Healthy and happy

We are so proud of our animal care program and our animal care team!  Our animals enjoy daily organic local produce, weekly checkups by a former Vet Tech, new toys every day, and clean, comfortable habitats. We designed our enrichment programs to engage their minds with toys and games, and provide daily outdoor play time to relax and play outside of events.

Our animals have an entire team of amazing people who care for them every day. We work with the United States Department of Agriculture and several of the best veterinarian practices in Texas to continuously improve and redefine our care standards.

A unique habitat

Our animals live in climate controlled habitats, specifically made to maintain the ideal temperature range for each species. We have carefully designed habitats that far exceed the criteria from the United States Department of Agriculture.
Bunny in the grass

“I have worked with Tiny Tails to You since 2013 to help define the highest standard of care for these animals.”

- C. Brad Singleton, DVM Medical Director, Veterinarian at Southwest Vet and South Park Animal Hospital
Animal caretakers


Each animal is individually and professionally cared for daily by our wonderful team of animal caretakers.

One of the ways we ensure our animals are happy and healthy is through our specially designed enrichment programs developed by a professional animal behaviorist. Our animal enrichment programs take animal care beyond just meeting their physical needs, they also encourage social interactions, mental stimulation, problem solving activities, and free choices in activities.


A foundational pillar of our animal care program is social enrichment. Through an extensive pairing process, we provide each of our social animals a lifelong animal friend. Living with a partner has been shown to significantly increase their health and lifespan. Through our events, our animals get plenty of human interaction to help meet their social needs as well. Watch for paired animals at your next event! It’s easy to see how fond they are of each other.
Bunny pairs
Animals playing

Toys and fun

All of our animals are curious and incredibly smart. They love having things to do to keep them busy. Cognitive enrichment activities are all about mental stimulation and we keep our animals on a regular schedule to ensure they always have new toys. These activities occupy the animals' time and allow for manipulation of objects, exploration, or exploratory play.

We provide a variety of hanging, floor and chew toys including bell balls, cat toys, stacking cups, plastic recycle, mason jar lids, cardboard paper rolls, bird toys, mirrors, paper bag toys, and willow and apple branches. We give each animal a new toy everyday to keep life fun and exciting.

Natural Behaviors

Our enrichment program also gives each of our animals opportunities to exhibit natural behaviors that help them survive such as foraging, burrowing, digging, tunneling, and chewing. These needs are satisfied through exploratory playtime (both indoor and outdoor) and using household items that help them mimic these natural behaviors. Some of the items we use are sandboxes, tires, large tubes, baskets, and litter box lids.

We provide hunting enrichment with various bugs for our hedgehogs and lizards. Our extensive outdoor areas give each animal a unique and fun place to play and explore.
Bunny in the grass
Animal in the sun


Just like humans, our pets enjoy a change of scenery and having new experiences. At Tiny Tails to You each animal receives enrichment that stimulates all of the senses:  visual, olfactory, auditory, taste, and tactile.

All of our animals enjoy indoor and outdoor experiences, trips off property, patches of tall grass (grown in many indoor enclosures!), lots of fun chew toys, and new foods to engage all of their senses.

Holding our animals

We are committed to educating each one of our customers on how to safely handle our animals. Our staff are well trained and carefully supervise animal handling during events. While adults are allowed more freedom, children are always seated while holding our animals and are not allowed to lift animals off of their lap mats for the safety of the animal.
Hedgehog being held

Meet our friends

Our animals are a zany and fun bunch of guys and gals. Get to know some of our wild hedgehogs, playful bunnies, ridiculous miniature chickens, and goofy guinea pigs!
Our Animals
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Brad Singleton - DVM Medical Director / Veterinarian at Southwest Vet and South Park Animal HospitalSW VetSouth Park Animal Hospital

"I perform monthly visits at their facility to ensure the best practices of care are being followed."

Tiny Tails to You has gone several steps further than the required USDA annual inspection.

Tiny Tails to You provides their animals the best quality food, housing and care. They have formed an enrichment program for the animals that includes playtime, socialization, and puzzles. Our staff at South Park Animal Hospital has spayed and neutered all of their rabbits so they can have morning social time in large play areas together.

When I examine their animals, they are very docile and tame, and have no qualms being handled. I have examined and cared for all their animals including rabbits, hedgehogs, chinchillas, chickens, chicks, guinea pigs, blue-tongue skinks, bearded dragons, and tortoises.

I enjoy working with the staff and animals at Tiny Tails to You and look forward to continuing this work!

C. Brad Singleton
DVM Medical Director
Veterinarian at Southwest Vet and South Park Animal Hospital


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