Tiny Tails to You

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, promote environmental stewardship, and give back to our community. We are committed to providing lasting memories, fostering a respect for nature and the environment, and enriching the lives of our animals.

Chelsea and Joe, Owners of Tiny Tails to You

Chelsea and Joe, Owners of Tiny Tails to You


We grow with love!

We started Tiny Tails to You in January, 2010 as a way to create safe and fun one-to-one connections with animals. Today, Tiny Tails to You is one of the highest rated event companies in Texas!

As people spend more and more time interacting with screens and technology, they get less time being out in nature and with animals. Often our customers (and their children) describe how meaningful and special their experience was. A connection with an animal provides a more personal understanding of nature, the larger ecosystem, and the importance of protecting our environment.


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