4 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat at your Tiny Tails to You Event


If you’ve lived in Austin during the summer months you know that temperatures can heat up quickly. In 2018, the Austin American Statesman reported that Austin experienced the third hottest summer on record with 51 total days of heat over 100 degrees. (1) We always take extra precautions to ensure our animals stay cool and hydrated during our event, but we also require that our customers take certain precautions as well to help beat the heat.  To help you out as you plan for your summer event, here are four tips that will keep everyone at your event happy and cool.

1) Move your event inside

“Wait, a petting zoo inside!?” You read right! We always come prepared with floor coverings so that we can set up in your living room! Since all of our animals are lap-sized they leave no mess and don’t take up much room. After your event is done, our trained staff members take extra care to clean up so that you won’t even know we had been there.  If you still don’t believe us, take a minute to read through some of these great reviews from other indoor events that we have done in the past.

2) Use a pop-up canopy or patio area

If you don’t have a lot of shade in your backyard, we can help! For a small fee, you can add on a pop-up canopy to your order that our staff members will bring and set up at your event.  Or, if you have one already we can just use yours (you can purchase canopies at most major retail stores). We can also set up on a covered deck or patio area given that there is enough space for our fencing.

3) Set your event up in a well shaded area

Regardless of the season, we always require that outdoor events be set up in spaces with ample shade for our animals.  However, this is especially true in the summer months. Being in a well-shaded area can cool the area by 10 to 15 degrees because it is blocking direct sunlight.  So, when considering having Tiny Tails to You at your summer event. Try to find a space with lots of shade that spreads over a large portion of your yard or outdoor area.

4) Provide a mister system or large fan

If it’s within your budget, you may want to look at purchasing a large sized fan or a mister system. These options tend to me more expensive than the other options above, but you might think of these items as an investment in future parties at your home or business that can help keep your guests cool in the hot Austin summers for many years to come.

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  1. "Austin’s summer of 2018, the city’s third-hottest ever, by the numbers” by Roberto Villalpando (https://www.statesman.com/news/20180905/austins-summer-of-2018-the-citys-third-hottest-ever-by-the-numbers)