4 Great Birthday Party Ideas for Teens and Tweens

Photo credit: Lumenbrite Studios - Austin

Photo credit: Lumenbrite Studios - Austin

Planning a unique and special birthday party for your teenager can be tough since they have outgrown pirates and princesses. Here are a few ideas for throwing a birthday party for your teenager that will be fun and memorable (and win you the title of “Coolest Parent Ever!”)

1) Outdoor Movie Night

Turn your backyard into your own personal outdoor movie theater with this birthday party idea. There are several locations around Austin where you can rent an inflatable movie screen, projector, and sound system. You can even find popcorn machine rentals! Have your teenager’s guest bring their own chairs or blankets, provide a spread of their favorite movie candies and snacks, and show your teen’s favorite movie. For added fun, you could even have the guests dress as their favorite characters from the movie you are screening.

2) A luau or Hawaiian birthday party

Who doesn’t love a good beach party? Have your son or daughter’s guests come in their best Hawaiian, or beach attire. Hand out flower leis and light up the Tiki torches. You can serve Hawaiian BBQ with fun, fruity drinks with little umbrellas. Find some beach-themed games like limbo or a hula hoop contest and find an “island music” playlist on Spotify or Pandora. Another fun activity would be to let your teenager and their friends take their best selfies with a beach-themed photo booth full of fun, island and beach props.

3) Glow In The Dark Dance Party

Glow in the Dark parties are growing in popularity because they are a fun way for teenagers to let loose and have a great time. If your teenage child loves to dance and have some fun, this might be an awesome party theme idea for their next birthday party. Just move the furniture, blackout the windows, and play some of their favorite dance party tracks. Hand out glow sticks or necklaces to everyone as they come into the party. Rent or buy some black lights and strobe lights for added fun. You could even go all out and hire a DJ! Even make your food fun by providing snacks that are brightly colored or white so they will glow in the blacklight.

4) A Hoppy Hour Bunny Party

For the animal-loving teenager in your family, or if you want to add some soft, cuddly animals to the options above, consider having a petting zoo from Tiny Tails to You - Austin’s Traveling Petting Zoo. Our Hoppy Hour birthday events are designed to cater to young adults and grown-ups. This is not your normal petting zoo party! We bring many different types of exotic and snuggly lap-sized animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, miniature chickens, bearded dragons and more right to your home or event location. Your teen and all of their friends will get to handle each animal and make a unique birthday memory. We also offer fun add-on services such as photography and professional face painting to capture every special moment of your teenager’s birthday. And we also have special, exotic animals like the chinchilla (softest animal in the world) or the blue-tongue skink that can be added on to your party package.

Running out of teen birthday party ideas?