4 Benefits of Raising Backyard Chickens

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Many of us have parents or grandparents that raised chickens on a farm. Well, in Austin, a farm is not required to have chickens. In fact, you can get paid to do it! Not only that, there are many additional benefits to raising chickens. Keep reading below to see how you can profit by owning backyard chickens in Austin.

How to Get Paid for Raising Chickens

Whether you already have chickens, or you’re just thinking about purchasing some, you can receive a rebate from the City of Austin. However, there are a few steps you have to take. First, you’ll have to take a free chicken keeping class. You can check out a current class schedule here. After the class, you can purchase a chicken coop of your choice. You don’t have to go through a specific vendor or company. The next step is to send in an application for a rebate. After approval, the City of Austin will send you a $75 rebate. More information can be found at http://www.austintexas.gov/chickenkeeping.

Benefits of Backyard Chickens

Not only can you be rewarded financially for these feathery fowl, but they can give you personal gratification. Below are some great benefits of raising chickens.

Fresh Eggs - One of the obvious reasons for owning a chicken is a constant supply of fresh eggs. Chickens will lay an egg every day to every other day. Be sure to rinse and clean the eggs before cracking them open. You can store them at room temperature, but if you put them in the refrigerator, be sure that’s where you keep them.

Natural Pest Control - An amazing benefit to having chickens in the backyard is that they love to eat bugs! Mosquitos, flies, ants, spiders...chickens love them! They’ll also eat the pesky pests that can wreak havoc on your garden. It’s a win-win. Your chickens are well-fed, and your garden prospers!
Valuable Droppings. That’s right! Your chicken’s droppings are valuable...to your garden! By adding waste from your chicken coop to your compost pile, you’ll create nutrient-rich soil that your garden and flowerbeds will love.

Feathery Companions. Our favorite reason for raising chickens is the bond they share with their caretakers. Most domestic chickens form a bond with their owners, and vise-versa. Some chickens greet their humans by running up to them for affection. Others will jump in your lap, and ask for cuddles. On average chickens can live as long as large-breed dogs, typically 8-12 years old. Overall, they make fun and interesting pets!

The benefits of keeping chickens expand beyond simply having fresh eggs everyday – although that is a great bonus! If you’re thinking of getting chickens, keep in mind that they can actively contribute to the health of your garden, make great pets and keep pests at bay!

If you aren’t ready to have your own chickens, but still want to interact with some feathered friends, we can bring some of our chickens right to your home. Just complete our availability form to get the booking process started!