Myth-Busting Hedgehog Facts

Tiny Tails to You


Hedgehogs may have quills, but they are not related to porcupines like many people think.

Here are a few more hedgehog facts that might surprise you!  

  1. Hedgehogs are related to moles (not porcupines!), and share their super sense of smell. Hedgehogs can smell a worm in the ground up to 2 inches below them!
  2. Hedgehogs are nocturnal, which means they sleep during the day. At night they are very active and will run around 10 miles in a night!
  3. Hedgies a are mostly carnivorous, they get their high protein diet from insects in the wild. However, cat food is suitable for a pampered hog. 
  4. Hedgehogs need baths! Sometimes it's hard for them to clean all their quills and little feet so we use a toothbrush and a tiny dab of baby shampoo to help keep our furry friends squeaky clean. 
  5. Even shy hedgehogs can open up to you eventually with enough gentle handling, patience, and treats!  
  6. Hedgehogs do not shoot their quills (and neither do porcupines for that matter). Porcupines can release their quills if they are hooked into an animal which may explain where this myth originated.