Fun Bachelorette Parties Ideas for Austin

Getting ready for your big wedding day can often be stressful.  So why not take some time off from all the planning and have a memorable, fun time with your bridal party in Austin, one of the nation’s best cities! Here are our suggestions for some fun, unique, and unforgettable bachelorette party ideas you and your friends can enjoy to unwind from all the wedding prep.

4 Great Birthday Party Ideas for Teens and Tweens

Planning a unique and special birthday party for your teenager can be tough since they have outgrown pirates and princesses. Here are a few ideas for throwing a birthday party for your teenager that will be fun and memorable (and win you the title of “Coolest Parent Ever!”)

Tiny Tails to You! Staff Spotlight: Meet Ty!

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 10.48.22 AM.png

How long have you been working for Tiny Tails To You?

October 2018

Who is your favorite Tiny Tails animal, and why?

Irwin the Blue tongued skink, because he's named after Steve Irwin. He has beautiful scale patterns.

Favorite non-Tiny Tails animal?

Black-Tailed rattlesnake.

What is your favorite thing about working for Tiny Tails to You?

I love being able to educate future animal and wildlife lovers by showing kids how to love and respect animals. Businesses like Tiny Tails are what got me into wildlife at an early age.

Where are you from? How long have you lived in Austin?

I’m originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I moved to Austin in October 2018.

Where is your favorite place in Austin, and why?

Either Austin Vintage Guitars off Red River Road or Balcones Wildlife Sanctuary just outside of Cedar Park. I'm a big vintage guitar nerd and Austin Vintage has probably the best collection and staff around. Balcones is one of my favorite places to hike here, especially Warbler Vista and Doeskin Ranch.

What is something you are really passionate about right now?

I'm really passionate about music and wildlife conservation.

What do you do outside of working at Tiny Tails to You (hobbies, other work, etc…)?

I'm a music teacher and musician outside of Tiny Tails. I play in a Rush tribute band and also a couple of my own side projects throughout the week. I'm also a wildlife biologist so any free time I have I'm usually out hiking looking for snakes and lizards :).