Rabbits are social lagomorphs (not rodents) who live in the wild with their herds in complex tunnel systems called warrens. Wild rabbits are found all over the world (except in Antarctica).

These furry friends are also a popular domesticated pet and can be litter-box trained (many people let their pet rabbits run free throughout their home!). There are 305 unique domesticated rabbit breeds from Lionheads to Flemish Giants. They’ve exploded in popularity as pets with 2.5 million households own at least one bunny. Even Kylie Jenner has jumped in on this popular trend with her bunny Bruce!

BunniesMeet One!
Oryctolagus cuniculus

They can jump up to 3 feet in the air

Rabbits use their large back feet to jump up to three feet in the air! When excited, they use their big feet and powerful legs to leap, twist, and kick in the air to perform an adorable move called a “binky”. Their eyes, positioned  on the side of their heads, give them almost 360-degree vision, so they can see in all directions at the same time to keep an eye out for predators or their next tasty snack. 

Their ears help them stay cool

Rabbits have ears that act as built-in air conditioners! Rabbits do not sweat like us so they use their ears to help cool them off. When it is hot, they circulate extra blood through their ears where the skin is thin. Then, they angle their ears into the wind where the heat can radiate away as the wind blows. Because they are so big, their ears help funnel sound towards their eardrum, so they have great hearing. Each ear acts like a satellite dish rotating up to 180 degrees, so they can easily find the source of a sound and stay alert


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