Tiny Tails To You! Staff Spotlight: Meet Sara!

Sara Rock.png

How long have you been working for Tiny Tails To You?

I started working for Tiny Tails in September of 2012. I had just moved to Austin, and was looking to gain animal handling experience. I search for Austin petting zoos, and Tiny Tails popped up. I emailed asking if they were hiring, and I’ve been with them ever since! I started working full time as their Events Manager in June 2017.

Who is your favorite Tiny Tails animal, and why?

It’s a tough call between Mrs. Frizzle the fuzzy lop, and Bunnicula the albino lop. They are both so cute and so sweet, I just want to cuddle with them all day! My favorite type of animal within Tiny Tails are the bunnies. I’ve grown up with bunnies, and have had a couple as pets in my adult life. I think they are the cutest!

Favorite non-Tiny Tails animal?

I love okapis. They are a relative of the giraffe that live in the Congo of Africa. They look kind of like a muddy zebra. I like them because of their history. There were rumors of their existence from the natives of that area, but visitors did not believe them (much like many of the animals of Cryptozoology, ie: Nessie, Bigfoot, Yeti). Eventually they were discovered and made public!

Do you have a favorite memory from an event?

There was a birthday event I did I think in the summer of ‘17. It turned out that the birthday girl’s name was the same as mine! She went by Sarah-Jane, and my middle name is Jane. Of course we were best buds. I think she was turning 3 years old. She was calling all of the chicks “hay hay”. At the time, I didn’t understand why, but about a year later I watched Moana. They chicken’s name in the movie is Hei Hei. As soon as I heard that, I thought back to that birthday and thought it was adorable.

What is your favorite thing about working for Tiny Tails to You?

There are so many things about this job that I love. Of course working with animals will make any job better. I love educating kids and adults about our animals, and asking who their favorite is at the end of an event. Another aspect I enjoy is working alongside the owners. I’ve never worked for a small, local business before, and I’m learning so much from them.

Where are you from? How long have you lived in Austin?

I grew up in Rockport, Texas. I moved to San Marcos after graduating high school to start college. I then moved to Austin after graduating college in 2012.

Where is your favorite place in Austin, and why?

Any place that is dog-friendly is a great place! I bring my dog, Gandalf, with me anywhere I can. He loves meeting new people, and everyone that meets him just falls in love with him. My favorite dog-friendly place is Moontower. I enjoy the outdoor space, and some nights they have live music. I also love attending trivia nights at Barrel O’ Fun. The quizmaster is amazing!

Where did you go to college?

I attended Texas State University in San Marcos. I received my Bachelor Degree in Zoology in December of 2011. My favorite classes were Zoology, Mammalogy, Entomology, and Ornithology. I love the campus, I think it’s beautiful!