Develop your craft or show off your skills! We have craft activities just for you.

Activity Sheets

12 fun pages of activities! Word searches, mazes, and color in some of your favorite friends, like the Bantam Chicken. Can you guess what tortoise's shells are made of?

Chinchillin' Coloring Page

What are you doing today? Oh nothing, just chinchillin' with my peeps and coloring this awesome picture!

Draw a Bunny

Bunnies are some of our favorite animals at Tiny Tails to You! Download this step-by-step guide to draw your very own rabbit!

Draw a Hedgehog

Can you draw a hedgehog? We'll show you how easy it can be with this step-by-step download.

Draw a Bearded Dragon

Do you love lizards? Then you are going to love drawing a bearded dragon! Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how.

Draw a Chicken

Drawing a chicken is easy and fun! Follow along with this guide to learn how to draw your very own chicken.

Draw a Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are great little animals and are really fun to draw! Get creative with this step-by-step art activity, and study the interesting and cool parts about what make guinea pigs great!

Draw a Tortoise

We love tortoises! They are so friendly and sweet. Let's see you draw a tortoise using this easy-to-follow guide.

Make a Washcloth Snuggly Bunny

Making a washcloth snuggle bunny is a simple at home activity for kids. Follow these easy instructions to make your own!

Movement Cube Game

Butters the guinea pig loves staying active! We created this fun movement cube activity so you can wiggle, flap, and hop just like all of his friends!
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