Gather around and sing along with these silly Tiny Tails to You songs!

Tiny Tunes: "Chicken Chant"

Flap your wing and cluck along as Sally and Lady Cluck lead us in the "Tiny Tails to You Chicken Chant"

Tiny Tunes: "Skidamarkinky Guinea Pigs"

We love guinea pigs! How about you? Watch and sing along with Sally about all our favorite things about these adorable little friends!

Tiny Tunes with Hog the Hedgehog

Sing along if you know this one! Join in with Sally and Hog as they sing "If You're a Hedgehog and You Know It!"

Tiny Tunes with Ziggy the Bearded Dragon

Join Ms. Sally and Ziggy the Bearded Dragon as they sing this catchy tune about eating some delicious bugs.

Tiny Tunes: "Frère Jacques"

Let's all sing along with Sally and get moving with our adorable Tiny Tails to You animals!

Tiny Tunes: "Mary Had A Little Bunny"

Sing along to this well known song with Sally and Cupcake about the adorable friendship between a girl and her pet rabbit.

Tiny Tunes: "Mr. T the Tortoise"

Do you love tortoises? Then sing a long with Sally and Mr. T about all the things that make tortoises great!
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