Conference Cuddles

Looking for a fun and relaxing way to de-stress with your co-workers? Surprise your staff with something fun and different, invite cute animals to crash your next video conference meeting!
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Curated cuddles for your team

Our virtual conference cuddles are a great way to bond with your team members and boost morale, no matter their location. One of our favorite things to do is help companies. Let us help celebrate goal achievements, staff birthdays, or show your remote employees that their efforts are appreciated after a stressful work week.

“We invited Houdini the Chinchilla to a meeting as an efficiency expert, to help provide our company a third-party perspective on internal operations.”

Boss of the Year
Illustration of a skink

Easy scheduling

We’ll work with you to create an animal experience that fits your schedule, and surprises everyone! We can use the video conference platform of your choice, just provide us with your meeting link.

Illustration of a skink

Team building has never been so much fun

Whether it’s a team meeting, or just an online get together after work hours, our bunnies and their friends would love to “hop” on to your next call!

Break up the monotony of conference calls

Laughter and squeals of joy should be part of any busy workday. Hop to it!
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Looking for more events?

Tiny Tails to You is perfect for any occasion. From birthday parties to formal events, we can make your experience extra special! Don't see what you're looking for? We can do custom events as well!
Virtual Grown Up Hangout

Grown Up Hangout

Looking for a cute and exciting way to connect with your friends? Are you in charge of this week’s game night and want to do something fun and different? Can’t go out for your friend’s birthday? Invite adorable animals to hangout!
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Virtual Library Hangout

Library Hangout

Library patrons love meeting animals normally only seen in books, and getting to interact with them live on their phone or computer. Easy to book, a joy to work with, perfect for online engagement. Your library patrons choose what we do and see next and ask questions about our amazing animals.
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Virtual Playdate

Virtual Playdate

Looking for a new way to connect and play online? Tiny Tails to You playdates are perfect for connecting family and friends while enjoying the company of cute, adorable animals no matter your location.
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Virtual Classroom Hangout

Classroom Hangout

During our classroom hangouts, students get up-close with many amazing animals. Students ask questions, choose what we see next, and watch our animals move and eat. We also encourage active learning through singing and crowd participation. Perfect for all ages and group sizes!
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Virtual Birthdays

Birthday Hangout

Bring your friends and family together to celebrate your child’s birthday party no matter their location! A Tiny Tails to You virtual birthday party is guaranteed to delight animal lovers of all ages. Party guests young-in-age and young-at-heart will be excited about meeting our cuddly, adorable animals.
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