Live Animal Classroom & After School Programs


Our Primary Focus is Education

Tiny Tails to You began with a simple vision to educate people to love and appreciate animals. One of the primary ways we accomplish this goal is with our Classroom Programs. With every 30 minute classroom program we educate up to 25 children at a time about our animals, and give every student an opportunity for a hands-on experience with each animal. In these age appropriate programs our knowledgeable staff teach students to appreciate and value these unique creatures.


Biology Comes to Life

In 30 minutes, we bring your science and biology curriculum to life! Our classroom and after school programs were designed by Joe Moore, co-owner of Tiny Tails to You and former elementary teacher at Austin ISD. We offer two different curriculums aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) depending on the age of your students. Younger students (0 - 6 years old) will learn basic animal facts and how to identify different species based on the animals’ coverings. Older students (7-11 years old) will focus on learning more advanced animal facts and about the unique features, or adaptations, of each of our different animals.

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The Tiny Tails to You Difference

Our educational classroom programs focus on creating a calm, safe environment for both your students and our animals. By limiting the number of students for each program, your students will receive a more personal, up-close interaction with our animals. Every child gets a front row seat so that they can pet each animal and observe their behaviors. We also encourage active learning through singing, crowd participation, and repetition. Finally we offer free, age appropriate follow up worksheets to further engage your students.


Teacher Approved Classroom & After School Programs

Check out these awesome reviews from Austin area teachers about our Classroom Programs!

To say your Tiny Tails program was a hit would be an understatement. The presentations were wonderful! All six schools absolutely loved it. I am so delighted that your program was brought to my attention so I could add it to our summer camp experience. The presenters all did a super job and the animals were a hit. -Debbie Samson, Austin ISD Summer School Project Director

What a wonderful experience for our kinder students in southwest Austin. The three Tiny Tails teachers showed up punctually [...], brought two zoos worth of animals in, set up in two classrooms, and were ready to go, right on time. They were patient, well-informed, and good at pacing their lessons appropriately for six kinder classes. I would totally recommend Tiny Tails for school visits; they did an amazing job! Great communication, too. - Heather Sharp Kindergarten Teacher, Cowan Elementary

Book our safe, clean, and TEKS-aligned after school and classroom programs for your school. Your students will love our unique, hands-on learning experiences.