Our Terms of Service

Shade for Animals, Guests and Staff

Tiny Tails To You staff and animals need to be in a shaded area at all times during the event. If the event is unable to provide shade, a pop-up canopy will need to be ordered for a $20 setup fee. Large trees, a covered patio, garage or indoor setup will also work for shade

Note: If a canopy tent is ordered, the customer will be charged. This includes instances where the customer decides at the event that the canopy tent is not needed. Tents are to be used for Tiny Tails To You staff and animals only.


Arrival and setup

Tiny Tails To You staff will arrive at least 15 minutes before our scheduled “start time” to greet and set-up. Please consult with us if you believe we may need to arrive earlier.

Note: our extra services staff (face painting and glitter tattoos) may arrive later as they require shorter set-ups. Our scheduled “start time” is when the service BEGINS, not when we actually arrive for setup


Stairs or Long Distances Between Unloading and Setup Areas

Multiple stairs or a long distance (50+ yards) between unloading and setup may require more scheduled time. We can consult on the best option in advance of the event if the event location involves stairs or will require carrying supplies and animals a far distance. Such instances may incur a surcharge if setup will take more time than what we normally schedule for this task. We need to ensure we have enough time to setup and pack up to allow us to remain on schedule.


Permits & Licenses

If a customer fails to check ordinances or obtain the proper paperwork such that services are unable to be rendered after Tiny Tails to You staff and animals arrive, this will result in a non-refundable forfeiture of all fees. If customer must cancel due to ordinance, the customer shall assume all costs for any and all permits and or licenses required by local or building ordinance. Our cancellation policy applies if a client fails to check ordinances or obtain the proper paperwork such that services are unable to be rendered.



Tiny Tails to You, LLC carries General Liability Insurance, Occupational Hazard Insurance, and Private and Non-Owned Automobile Liability Insurance. Companies or locations can be listed as “certificate holders” or added to insurance policies carried by Tiny Tails to You, LLC. Please email info@tinytailstoyou.com for more information.



Your reservation is not finalized and your event is not scheduled until payment is received in full.



We can do your event rain or shine! For the safety of our animals, we will need to bring the event indoors if it begins raining or the temperature at the event location goes above 100˚F or below 40˚F (according to weather.com unless accommodations below are provided). We will not bring chicks if the temperature at the outdoor event location goes below 55˚F unless it is moved indoors. If an event longer than an hour plans to stay outdoors during under 55 degree weather, we will not bring reptiles. In these conditions we will substitute other animals when available. We can set up indoors or in a garage or covered patio area. Indoor events are set up on top of a floor covering to protect your floors.



We can reschedule events up to 48 hours before the day of the event. However, rescheduling within 48 hours of the day of the event will be processed as a cancellation and a new booking form must be filled out to reschedule.



Changes or cancellations must be made via phone or by email, and you must receive a confirmation email from Tiny Tails To You. Payment is non-refundable for day-of-event cancellations. Cancellations made before the day of the event will be refunded 50% of total paid amount. Total payment amount will transfer for events rescheduled 48 hours before event date.


Event Changes

We are happy to try and accommodate any changes you might need, up to 48 hours before your event date. Within 48 hours of your event date we are not able to accommodate any changes. If an exception is made for changes within 48 hours, we will not be able to refund the difference, if the new total amount is less than your paid total.


Service Breaks

For events that are 3+ hours, our staff will pause the petting zoo for one 15 minute break so they can make sure the animals get food and water. Events that are 4+ hours will have two 15 minute breaks and may have a new group of animals brought to the event. Our staff will ensure that guests know what time to expect the break(s).

Remaining Balances

Any remaining balances will be processed within two weeks after your event date if we have a credit card on file. If a credit card is not on file, any remaining balance on the date of your event will be due within 30 days of the event date.


The Tiny Tails to You staff members need to make several trips to and from their vehicle to set-up at the venue. Please save a parking spot(s) within 50 yards of the setup area for staff vehicles so that they may be on time to the event.


Parking Fees

Any parking fees incurred by Tiny Tails To You staff members must be fully validated and/or reimbursed by the client.


Photos and Videos

Unless noted otherwise, the customer agrees and understands that any video/photos e-mailed, texted, tagged or posted on social media with Tiny Tails to You, LLC, or otherwise sent by the customer to Tiny Tails to You, LLC are property of Tiny Tails to You, LLC and can be used in all advertising.



By working with Tiny Tails To You, LLC, you allow Tiny Tails To You to represent your brand/logo on our website as one of our customers.



Tips are not included but always appreciated! Our staff members work hard and love when you show your appreciation.


Credit Cards

Customer has authorized Tiny Tails to You, LLC to charge their credit card for the amount of any balances due for all customer changes made to an event or gratuities added. Gratuity can be added at or after the event. Customer agrees that they are the rightful owner of said credit card and has full permission to use accordingly.


Waiver of Liability

By hiring Tiny Tails to You, LLC and/or any of its affiliates, customer (and/or any person or organization reserving any form of entertainment) the customer acknowledges that he/she has had the opportunity to read and understands, agrees with and accepts all these terms and conditions. Customer, and/or any person or organization renting any equipment(s), animals, or entertainment services,  agrees to hold harmless “Tiny Tails to You, LLC,” “Tiny Tails to You” and/or “Tiny Tails”, and the owners, as well as any of its affiliates, including any employees and/or independent subcontractors, subcontracted companies or any other persons from and against any and all liability and/or any losses, costs, damages, expenses, including attorney’s fees, on account of any and all lawsuits, claims, including claims of any trademark or copyright infringement(s) or claims for personal injury, illness or death.  

The customer hereby assumes all of the risks of participating and/or hosting this event and will indemnify Tiny Tails To You, LLC against any claims brought by any of their guests and use the customers’ homeowners policy should the issue arise to cover any liability. The risks include, but are not limited to, those caused by animal bites, scratches, insects, diseases, facilities, temperature, weather, condition of the animals, petting zoo equipment, actions of other people including, but not limited to, other guests and participants, visitors, and spectators.  Tiny Tails’ animals are well cared for and their health is closely monitored. However customers realize that liability may arise from the innate nature of the animals, from the diseases that they might carry, from the allergies people might have, or because of possible liability without fault. I hereby take action for myself, my child, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors, and assigns as follows: (A) Waive, Release and Discharge Tiny Tails and its officers, agents, employees, and volunteers from any and all liability for my, my guests, or my child’s personal injury, disability, death, property damage, property theft, lost income, or any other losses, costs or actions of any kind which hereafter may accrue to me, my guests or my child by virtue of my or my guest’s or my child’s voluntary participation in the Tiny Tails petting zoos.


Right to Refuse Service

The safety of Tiny Tails To You staff and animals is of utmost importance. If staff members feel at any given time that their safety or the safety of the animals has been compromised or if they have entered into a volatile situation, are abused physically, or harassed in any way, we have the right to refuse service. All Tiny Tails To You staff have been instructed to exit the premises immediately in such a case. Customers will not be refunded any payments they have made in the event that this occurs and will still be responsible for payment of any remaining balances.