The Austin Chronicle

"Tiny Tails to You is a unique Austin enterprise that has earned its stellar reputation."

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"It all started with Machu Pichu, the chinchilla. Then came Sonica, the hedgehog. Soon came the guinea pigs, the chickens, the ducks, and then more bunnies."


"...for kid's to experience a one on one connection and realize that these are living creatures we share a world with."


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Studio 512

"We met with Chelsea Phillips of Tiny Tails to You, to learn more about unusual animals..."

Fall Out Boy - Uma Thurman

Tiny Tails to You! was featured in Fall Out Boy's music video "Uma Thurman." Click the image below to watch!


"...the focus we put on the safety of the animals and one-on-one connections between people and animals really made the business take off."

Occasion Genius

"Tiny Tails to You brings tiny, adorable animals for you to learn about and of course hold, plus they do a Hoppy Hour for adults."