Teacher's Pet


School is almost back in session! During the year, many classrooms enjoy having a class pet. However, depending on the age and workload involved, one type of animal friend might be a better fit for you and your students than another.


Here is some basic information about some popular class pets!

- Guinea Pigs: A great starter pet for even younger kids. Guineas love companionship, and are easy to hold sitting down using gentle hands. They also love vegetables and might inspire picky kids to try new foods! However, they might start to squeak if they smell someone snacking on carrots in class! 


- Rabbits: Although fluffy and often friendly, bunnies require more frequent cage cleanings and male rabbits can even spray their urine outside of the cage. They are fascinating to watch hop around, but they also love to chew wood, cords, and sometimes plastic- so make sure to bunnyproof the room before letting your furry friend out! 


- Lizards: The friendliest and easiest lizard for a class pet is a Bearded Dragon. They are usually very comfortable being handled and enjoy the heat from warm hands. Beardies are omnivores so students can have fun feeding them greens and worms! 


And if your classroom is already too full for a permanent resident- Tiny Tails to You loves visiting classrooms to teach kids of all ages about the wonderful animals we work with.