Traveling Petting Zoo - A Unique Austin Bachelorette Party Idea


Ensure your bachelorette party is one to remember with Instagram-worthy cuddles. If you’re responsible for planning a final single-ladies celebration for the Bride-to-be, consider a mobile petting zoo from Tiny Tails to You for a unique, low-key bachelorette party curated just for you!


Tiny Tails to You Petting Zoo: An Amazing Bachelorette Party Experience, Guaranteed

A mobile petting zoo is the perfect option for celebrating the Bride’s final days or weeks as a single woman.

  • Bond over Bunnies - No better way to bring the squad together than cuddling adorable animals with friends.

  • Inherently #Grammable - Your guests will love creating and capturing Instagram-worthy memories with our cuddly friends. They’ll have a blast documenting every moment and showing off to all their friends how much fun they had!

  • The Uber of Snuggles - Adorable animals brought to you! Tiny Tails to You delivers a hassle-free experience to the location of your choice: indoors, outdoors or at your AirBnB. The convenience is hard to beat.

  • Relaxing & Low-Key - Wedding planning can be stressful. Cuddling with small, adorable animals is a fun, relaxing way to de-stress prior to the big day. 

  • Better than a Stripper - Just trust us.

  • Clean & Classy - Compared to many traditional bachelorette party activities, our petting zoo is a safe and fun choice, regardless of who might be in attendance, including those still under 21.


Easy to Book, A Joy To Experience, Memories To Share

Hiring Tiny Tails to You for your bachelorette party is a simple and easy process. Let us curate a bachelorette party that is all about fun!

  • Stress-Free: We’ll take care of everything! We’ll work with you to curate your event to meet your specific party needs.

  • Cuddle Adorable Animals: You’ll have the opportunity to pet bunnies, hedgehogs, bearded dragons, blue-tongued skinks, chinchillas, tortoises, guinea pigs, miniature chickens and baby chicks. Our staff are extremely knowledgeable and available to answer any questions you may have about our animals.

  • Capture Amazing Memories: Cuddling bunnies ensures you’ll end up with great photos of laughter and smiles with your friends.

These guys were great. I hired them to come out to a bachelorette party. They were easy to work with and willing to accommodate our schedule. [The staff was] friendly, shared a lot of fun facts about all of the animals, and was all around a great addition to the party. Hire these guys!

- Wesley K. from Austin


The Best Bachelorette Party Idea - Traveling Petting Zoo

A mobile petting zoo is a fun, adorable, and memorable option for your bachelorette party. Click here for availability and to book your event!